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Well, Let's see what GOogle news has for us today...

~Bush Looks to Appeals Court to Overturn Wiretap Decision

Personally, I don't think the Court /can/ uphole his desicion. There's a legal structure in place that does what he wanted to have done; and he still decided that the rules didn't apply to him. Even in wartime... ESPECIALLY in wartime; people are more then happy to give up a little freedom for a little security. Personally; if we change what we do, because the terrorists might attack us; they they win.

It's just like giving a little kid candy, after he throws a tantrum.

It's funny how most of the 'adult' world I've been being 'prepared' for my scholastic life is just exactly the same as the school life I lived through. Only now, we have weapons, and no adults telling us to break it up. So we get terrorists; and wars; and so on... and bullies who like to push the other kids around with thier fear.

~Case involves killings of 24 civilians in Haditha by Marines

I've got mixed feelings about this one. I'm always behind the armed forces that risk thier lives so that I have the luxury of saying "I don't like touching guns.". But there's something wrong, when this kind of thing happens. I can only think that we're not there as peacekeepers; the energy is more like an occupation; and our troops are doing things an occupying force would do.

The other problem, is we're supposed to be over there to install a government, right? For the people, etc?

How can we assume to know what government those people want? Has Bush lived in that place, grown up in that culture, or even met with the people long enough to have a foggiest clue as to what /they/ want?

It it impossible to build a stable democratic government for a people who don't want democracy; or don't know how to deal with it. We will never be able to leave that country if our exit requires thier government be stable before we go.

~El Sistema Solar suma tres planetas
(The Solar System adds 3 planets, unless I miss my guess. From BBC Mundo)

Charon, Ceres, and UB313 (dubbed 'Xena' by it's finder, but not offically named yet).

Charon is Pluto's companion, and I think that it and Pluto should be considered a 'double planet'. Ceres, last I heard, was an asteroid, and I think it should remain as such. UB313 is an object larger then Pluto, with a even further and more eccentric orbit.

But the Astronomy people say that if it's round, and it orbits a star, it's a planet. Do welcome to our new neighbors. Anyone want to go vist for a housewarming? *rases hand like Horschak (or however you spell his name ^^;;)*

~NASA fears fatigue factor in shuttle crews

Hi! Remember them? We all cried when the shuttle blew up; and good lord and lady I would love to go that way. We all watched apprehensively as Discovery took off, and gasped as the foam hit her wing. Then we remembered the foam when the talking head on TV let us all know that they were okay. Maybe a few of us watched as she re-entered; but most of us were too busy doing other things... like trying to think why on earth we had 15 rolls of duct tape in our 'anit-terrorist kit'.

I saw the video when she landed; and my heart sang for her return. And I see the pictures... not in the google link, but the Space Station gallery over at NASA's home page, and it struck me...

We have a space station.

Granted; there's only about 6 people or so on it at a time. And it's clunky and kludged and more bare boned then the T-Rex in the Smithsonian. But it's a



Definatly no moon. ;-)

We're retiring the shuttle in 2010. I'm tearing up now, just like I did at work when I read the article, and saw it mentioned.

We're stepping into space. If we can get our hearts off the hatred, anger, fear, and shit that we're all so wrapped up in... we just might be able to outlive our star.

When I die; cremate me. And put an ash or two into every single vessel that is going out into space. Anything leaving the solar system get precedence. Spread me out among the universe; and let the remains of my physical being fuel the next stage of Alpha Centauri. Let me fertilize the fields of strange plants on a little planet in the vicinity of Betleguse. Don't let me, and the rest of us, die; trapped on this little, tiny, insignificant, magnificent, wondorous, beautiful planet.

And while we're at it; Hey Bush! Muslims! Israelis! Haters! Lovers! Children! Adults! Old-timers! Lab mice! And anyone else who has ears!!!

This is O U R planet. Get over yourselves, and live in peace. Enjoy the time you have, because you were never garunteed sentience in the first place. Don't waste your time, making life miserable for other people, or wallowing in the misery of your own life. Look at the pictures on the Hubble website. Especially the ones labeled "Deep Field". THAT is reality. Not this country or that country; not even this planet; or this star; or this galaxy.

We never had to be here. We aren't special. We never will be. The only thing there is, is to love, laugh, and be in utter awe of the whole that is creation.

And that, my friends and family, is a rant worthy of posting, I think. Let me know! ^_^ Vm
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I am the Chain-Breaker!

If you ask me to repost anything, I won't do it.

I don't believe in chain letters.

I don't post them. =)

It's not that I don't care; it's that I don't believe in wishing bad things on the other people out there that will eventually get the chain letters you pass on.

So just remember: if you're sending a chain letter on; you are sending negative energy out to those who don't repost chain letters. You're wishing bad luck, unhappy relationships, trouble, and damnation on people you've never seen; or met. =)

Repost this in 5 seconds, e-mail it to 10 people within the next hour, print out 25 copies, and mail them within 5 days, and life will happen the way it'll happen, whether you repost, e-mail, snail mail, broadcast, podcast, drop leaflets from planes, carve it in the moon with a laser, or whatever.

Seriously, friends and neighbors. If you want to tell people something; make it worth reposting. Don't tack on impotent punishments if someone doesn't want to fill thier airspace with your messages; just make your message worth reading.

Health and Happiness,
Love and Light,
To You and Yours,
For all your days.

^_^ Vm
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Saturday... TIme to go do laundry.



It's hard to find stuff to blog about, when you don't really do much of anything. ^^;; And with no deep, philosophical thoughts to post... there's not really much point in my having a blog, I guess. ^^;;

Oh well, off to do chores! ^_^ Vm
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Voting Day!!!

Yay! I voted!

Thank you smartvoter.org!!! You allowed me to make a slightly more educated choice then throwing a dart at the sample ballot! ^_^ Vm
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Not very well

Hello again, Cyberspace.

I've had a hell of a headache today, starting around 4 p.m. And my nose just decided to un stuff from this morning about half an hour ago.

I don't know what i've got; but I wish it would go away!!

Money is tight right now; I threw 20 bucks away on an NSF charge... don't know how I went so far down. But I did do the transactions on the record. V_V

It would be nice if a few hundred dollars would come into my life right now, and not in that 'monkey's-paw-insurance-payment-for death-of-loved-one' kinda way.

Then again... when wouldn't it? ^^;;

Salud y Felicidas! ^_^ Vm
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*blows off dust*

Well... where to start.

I've moved. I'm now in Van Nuys. Living in an apartment that I pay half rent on with my partner (who, lucily, pays the other half ;) ). Have a car, for which I am paying myself, and insureance to drive the car on.

Oh yeah! Have a job. =) Working the old 9 to 5 plus half an hour in both directions. Love the job, love the people I'm workin' with, and loving the PAYCHECK! ^_~

Guess I've gone and grown up... I didn't even notice it happen. ^^;;
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I'm so bored, these days. I'm waiting until the end of the month, at the earliest, to see if I actually get the clerical position I qualified for. I need a job; I know that much. But I don't know how to find one; I've got at least three applications at the fast-food joints that are brand new in the valley; and they've not contacted me back, yet. And I don't have experience for anything else.

*le sigh*

I just need to get out of the house for a while. Make me feel like I'm not just sitting here all day, being bored.

Hope that everyone else is having a better time then me. =)

Another Nightmare

Had another bad dream tonight; I hae it when my subconsious does this to me. >_< I can't get the images out of my head to go back to sleep; so maybe talking about them will help.

I start out walking down this road with two people, the character in my dream of a youunger friend (I can't remember what the friend looked like, just that he was a little bit younger then me; either a friend, or a brother, or an equivalent.) and a total stranger, played by my Dad. We're on the side of a deserted road, lit only by streetlamps, walking a little, like 2 foot wide embankment with the road to my right, and a hillside to my left about 20 yards high, at a 45 degree angle to the embankment; very steep.

My hair comes down, and it won't stay out of my face for a few minutes, which makes it hard for me to see anything but a three foot streatch of ground in front of me; impossible to hear, andimpossible to see any cars coming, unless I focus only on that. I finally get my hair nder control, and my younger friend is gone; vanished. I suddenly know that I have to get up the hill, so I climb it with only a little difficulty, with my Dad (who's not playing my Dad, just a total stranger) following me all the way to the top.

Meanwhile, I'm saying stuff like 'where'd the other guy (I can't remember what name I called him by) go?' and Dad's all like 'what other guy? We're the only two that were here,' and stuff. So then I'm freaking out, thinking like I imangined my friend, that he didn't really exist and stuff; then my Dad starts sking me someething about highways, and I say three, and the answer sends him ballistic, so he starts trying to strangle me, but I get away, and then he pulls out a pocket knife that the same shape as one of those pocket knices thhat's got the three things in it (knife, nail cleaner/file, and bottle opener/screwdriver), only te knife's about a foot long, with the handle being the size of the poket-tool thingie.

At this point, Stranger With Knife is now being played by Wlll Sasso from MAD-TV, eyes relly wide open, and smiling creepily. I see a shape in a tree near me that I recognise as Jamie's (Jamie is playing the part of Jamie in my dream, strangely enough), that's in a kind of leaning back, reclinging position. It's dark, so all I can see is a shillouette.

I start screaming at Jamie to wake up and help me, because this guy that I don't know is chasing me with a big knife, eyes wide open with enthusiasm, and mouth smiling like it was somekind of game that was being taken waaaay too far. Will says "Go ahead, wake himup. He was fun to play with" or something like that, and in a flash of lightning, I round the trunk, and look at Jamie.

Jamie is laying in the crook of tree branches, bleeding. There's lins carved into his face with a knife: three lines across the fore head (One at the hairline, a second maybe an inch above the eyebrows, and a third between the two), both eyebrows have been reduecd to thin lines, maybe an eght of an inch wide, sitting right on the edges of the eye-brow ridges on either side; and maybe two thirds of each eyebrow has been permanantly removed (not juwst shaved off), leaving the eyebrows broken by gouges of bleeding skin. Across either eyelash are two lines, as well as slases that followed most of the other lines of his face, including most of his lip skin having been cut away.

I scream; and poke Jamie, who wakes up and says "Ow." like he wasn't bleeding like a stuck pig, or didn't have this stigmata covering every visible portion of his body.

Then I wake up in the dream screaming, and roll over, to make sure hat Jamie'sokay. He is; but then the lighs go out, and there's Will again, wearing pjs, and wielding a kitchen knife (only about 4 to 6 inches long, but 2 to3 inches wide). Again, he's plaing a game, getting too far into character. He starts walking towards us, andd Jamie and I have nothing to defend ourselves with, except pillows. I manage to get the nife stabbed ito a pillow good enough to rip the knife from Will's hands, who is now playing the part of my younger brother (although he's still the same character as befor, this is just in addition to now). Then I manage to hurt him a little, just before Mom comes downstairs, and drop the knife at Will's feet; and manage to blame everything on him, nd fell guilty for it.

That's what I can remember; and I do feel much better. Funny that th only journal I've ever kept, is one that other get to read by definition. Well, if you're reading this far, then... thank you for you time, and for caring, and many Blessings to you in all your efforts.

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Sometimes I worry that I'm losing my friends. Maybe it's because I'm changing, only so slow that I don't notice I'm changing. I go to use something that I've not used in a while, see that it's gone, and then I don't even know where it went. But maybe that's not a bad thing, either. Like a friend said "Change is everywhere", and he's right.

And while I hate the thought that certain of my friends, whom I will always consider a different kind of special set, are growing apart from me, and getting thier own lives that don't seem to include me as much as they used to... I never stopped to think that maybe they're not growing away from me; but that I'm growing away from them.

It's one of my more religious-type beliefs that Entropy is the pre-dominant law of this reality. All things come, sooner or later, to an end; and we can either agonise over that ending when it arrives, or celebrate what we had before it ended. I've always believed that the second choice was the better; but this is the first time that I've ever lost sight of that belief.

~Instrumental - Theme from M.A.S.H.~

I am growing as a person too... for the first time in a long time. And it's not something I started directly. I have several people to thank for that, who may or may not know that they had that deep an effect on my life. Greg, Eric, Jamie, Donna, Andy Andy and Andy, Jill, Helen, Hoshi, and a few others; thank you for being a part of my life, and putting up with my drama long enough to teach me what I needed to learn. I hope that I helped you each enough to earn the benefits I recieved from knowing you each.

Enough drama, though. It's a beautiful day; I have places to go, things to see, and people to do. ^_^ Remembering the past is nessecary; but once it's time is over, dewlling on it will only cause the present to slip you by. =)

~The Carpenters - Sing A Song~

P.S.: I passed my typing test at 47 corrected WPM (The test counteded every mis-typed character aginst your score, and it would sstop at one letter, until you ttyped the right one... and my shift key was stuck, so every capital letter in the text got me about 5 bad characters, until the Shift key decided to work )... I had 75 WPM uncorrected. Minimum required was 45, so... I'm in. Punch and Pie all around. ^_^ Vm
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